Coco Fiber Planter

Coco Fiber Planter


Very ecological, the coconut fiber pots are biodegradable and an excellent growing medium for plants, they allow the plant to be planted directly with the pot. Coco pots have a very high permeability to water, air and decompose naturally in the soil, which minimizes disturbance of the roots at the time of planting. The coconut fibers allow the roots to grow freely and facilitate the diffusion of water and air, which helps the roots to develop through the walls of the pots. Ideal for Repotting or transplanting, Just dig and transplant the whole pot into the ground.



    Exist in different sizes from 10 CMS in diameter to 50 CMS in diameter.
    Round or square pots. Sold in lots of 300 pieces minimum. Boxes of 100 pieces.

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