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Siam Garden Resort

25/2 Moo 3 T. Kuamung
A. Sarapee, Chiangmai 50140 Thailand
Tel/Fax: 053-429878
Mobile: 09-2613042
E-mail: [email protected]

Directions to Siam Garden Resort

PDF format: Directions to Siam Garden Resort (English)

Siam Garden is a bit tucked away so here are a few directions to help you find us:

1.This is the easiest route from Chiang Mai (see map 1). If you go down what is known as the Old Lamphun Road it should be easy for you. This road can be reached by crossing the Nawarat bridge from the Thae Pae Road side and turning right – after which the river will be on your right. This road will take you all the way to Saraphi! A couple of kilometers along this road you will see very large trees on both sides of the road and these trees form a sort of avenue all the way to Saraphi!

When arriving in the town of Saraphi, pass the big building of Bangkok Bank and the market on your left. Soon you reach the crossroads with traffic lights. Turn right here and **continue along the straight road for exactly 6.5 kilometres. At this point you will see some red and white fence posts; immediately after this turn right. (Easy to miss as on a bend). Follow this road for 600 metres. Siam Garden is on your left (as is the river) you will see signpost to Siam Garden, turn immediately left through high wooden gates. Drive through if they are open, hoot if they are not!! Congratulations! You have arrived!

2.An alternative route from Chiang Mai is the Super Highway, route 11 towards Lampang and Bangkok (see map 1). Turn right at the first signpost for Saraphi. Cross the railway level crossing and soon after go straight across the traffic lights.** This means you follow the route already shown above, along the straight road for 6.5 kilometres etc. Congratulations! You have arrived!!

3.Yet another route is via the Hang Dong Road (see map 2), close to Chiang Mai International Airport, although this is signposted to Mae Hong Son and Doi Inthanon. From the start of this road to where you turn off left is 6 kilometres. (Ignore the first road left signposted to Saraphi. (You can go this way but the route is even more complicated and is no shorter) At time of writing (November) the new road is not signposted to anywhere but soon after turning left you will see a sign for Saraphi: 11 kilometres. Continue for 4 kilometres and take the slip road left, before the main road inclines upwards over a big bridge.

At the first crossroads at about 100 metres go straight across and immediately across small river bridge. Turn right under the long bridge (you will see the Wat on your left and the river on your right). Keeping the river on your right, pass the ostrich farm and a school on your left and into a small village until you reach a right-hand fork in the road. Here there is a large grey stone edifice with Thai writing and some blue glass knobs. Turn right here and continue along until you see a bridge beside the weir. It is a very narrow bridge but no problem – go over it and continue along the road; the main river will still be on your right. After approximately 500 metres you will come to a sharp right-hand bend and immediately after this you will see the signpost for Siam Garden, turn right here, through high wooden gates. Congratulations! You have arrived!!

There is plenty of accommodation in Chiang Mai, hotels in Chiang Mai, guesthouses in Chiangmai, several bed and breakfast places in Chiangmai, but not many resorts in the Northern capital of Thailand. Siam Garden Resort Chaing Mai is one of them.