Cymbidium (variety range)

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Cymbidium (variety range)

Cymbidium is a native of tropical areas of Australia and Asia; they are prized for their long sprays of blooms, which make lovely arrangements as well as corsages. Their thick, waxy petals open in the spring and often remain on their stems for up to two months. These orchids love bright, cool places with a lot of moisture in the air, therefore a cooler jungle should be considered where you want to plant them.

Starting Price: ฿ 500 ⁺⁺ (€ 13.9 ⁺⁺) *
* according to destination and size

Scientific Name:     Cymbidium
Export Fitting:         Bare Roots
Substrat:                    No Substrat
Size:                              25 – 35 – 45 cms
Min. Order Qty:      100 plants per variety
Availability:              500 plants (Mixed sizes and varieties)

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