Dendrobium (variety range)

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Dendrobium (variety range)

Dendrobium is sort of the catch-all of orchid species of many different types of Dendrobium orchids that can fall into this category. These hybrids go dormant for a couple of months in the winter, losing some of their leaves in the process. These plants can have up to 50 blooms on one stem, making for a stunning floral display. First, they like to live in little pots with their roots crowded into a tiny area. Give them room to spread out, the roots are likely to stay too moist and begin to rot. A good way to care for Dendrobium orchids is to give them as much bright light as possible by placing them near a south-facing window in the house is the place where they will thrive.

Starting Price: ฿ 200 ⁺⁺ (€ 5.5 ⁺⁺) *
* according to destination and size

Scientific Name:     Dendrobium
Export Fitting:         Bare Roots
Substrat:                    No Substrat
Size:                              25 – 35 – 45 cms
Min. Order Qty:      100 plants per variety
Availability:              500 plants (Mixed sizes and varieties)

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