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Mangosteen is one of Thailand’s national fruits and is also known as the ‘Queen of Fruits’. The soft juicy white pulpy fruit inside the hard-purple cover is an absolute delight; the taste varies from wonderfully sweet to lemony sour, its sweetness and slightly tangy flavor, and pleasant smell makes it one of Thailand’s most loved fruits. Locals often eat this refreshing fruit after meals as it helps get rid of bad breath and unwanted taste.

Starting Price: ฿ 500 ⁺⁺ (€ 13.9 ⁺⁺) per KG *
* according to destination and weight

Health Benefits:  Rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins, boosts immunity, has high anti-inflammatory properties, helps regulate blood pressure, and is great for skin.

Mangosteen Season:     May – August
Export Packing:    Vented Cartons
Weight:                     10 KGS/carton
Mini.Order Qty.:   5 tons (by Air)
Availability:            50 tons

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