Nepenthes (variety range)

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Nepenthes (variety range)

Nepenthes alata is a wide ranging species and has many varied color patterns, shapes, sizes and forms. This climbing tropical, carnivorous plant produces hanging pitchers that capture insects which arre used for the plant’s nutrtion. Pitcher plants are most often grown in hanging baskets.

Starting Price: ฿ 300 ⁺⁺ (€ 8.5 ⁺⁺) *
* according to destination and size

Scientific Name:     Sarracenia
Export Fitting:         PVC Jar – PVC Bag
Substrat:                    Coco Chips – Rice Straw – Sphagnum moss – Neutral peat
Size:                              16-25 cms – 26-35 cms – 36-45 cms
Min. Order Qty:      50 plants per variety 
Availability:              500 plants (Mixed sizes and varieties)

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