Pothos Golden (variety range)

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Pothos Golden (variety range)

This is a tropical vine that produces huge leaves when it climbs the trunk of trees in warm climates. It is also a popular indoor plant and is used as a ground cover in interior plantscapes. Also goes by the common name golden pothos. Also listed in the trade under the name Epipremnum aureum.

Starting Price: ฿ 200 ⁺⁺ (€ 5.5 ⁺⁺) *
* according to destination and size

Scientific Name:     Epipremnum aureum
Export Fitting:         PVC Jar – PVC Bag
Substrat:                    Coco Chips – Rice Straw – Sphagnum moss – Neutral peat
Size:                              10-15 cms – 16-25 cms – 26-35 cms – 36-45 cms
Min. Order Qty:      100 plants per variety 
Availability:              500 plants (Mixed sizes and varieties)

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