Pittaya (Dragon Fruit)

Pittaya (Dragon Fruit)

The dragon fruit finds its origin in Central America, also called Pittya, it grows on a cactus tree and is now widely grown in Asia. Dragon Fruit doesn’t have a strong flavour but its appeal lies in its rather strange appearance. The exterior rind is bright pink, with green scales protruding from it. The white flesh inside with hundreds of black polka-dots is the part that’s eaten has the same texture as kiwi and a similar, mildly sweet taste as well; the seeds themselves are rich in healthy fats and provide a crunchy texture to the juicy superfood.

Starting Price: ฿ 500 ⁺⁺ (€ 13.9 ⁺⁺) per KG *
* according to destination and weight

Health Benefits:  High in nutrients, loaded with fibre, promotes a healthy gut, strengthens immune system, and boosts iron levels.

Pittaya Season:     May – August
Export Packing:    Vented Cartons
Weight:                     0.5 KG – 0.8 KG
Mini.Order Qty.:   1 x container 20 Ft
Availability:            5 x containers

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