Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to inform any potential customer of the conditions, rights and obligations of the parties, relating to the purchase/sale and delivery of the items offered on the Siam Garden website. Any order of a product appearing on the online store of the SIAM GARDEN website (http://siam-garden.com) implies acceptance of these conditions. These general conditions of sale can be modified at any time and without warning.


Siam Garden agrees to honor any order paid for by automatic email return.
Siam Garden cannot be held responsible for non-performance of delivery when:

  • The stock-out is due to an incident in cultivation and bad weather.
  • The customer’s delivery information has been entered incorrectly or is incomplete.
  • A dispute exists in a previous order.
  • The Siam Garden team reserves the right to cancel any order we wish.


The user has the possibility to request a quote for the products he wishes to order.
Quotations are recorded automatically by the management system of the Siam Garden site.
The Siam Garden team will promptly return the listing.
After acceptance of the quotation, the customer can transform this quotation into an order.


The order is automatically registered by the management system of the Siam Garden site, the registration constitutes proof of transaction made between the buyer and Siam Garden, and specifies the content and the date of the order. An order confirmation is sent to the email address that the buyer will have communicated when registering.
The sales contract will not really be concluded until payment is received.


The Siam Garden site provides the information and characteristics of the articles for customers and buyers in accordance with article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code.
The photos, technical data sheets and product characteristics appearing on the website http: // http://siam-garden.com are for information only and are in no way contractual; they do not engage Siam Garden at any time.

A plant is a living product, also the size of the plants indicated on the site is noted as an indication and is function of the growth of the plant and interventions by our teams, the size can be modified. If the height of the plant on receipt of the order turns out to be different from that indicated on the site, the responsibility of Siam Garden cannot be engaged.


Prices are not mentioned for live and perishable products on the Siam Garden website, so a piecemeal quotation is offered to customers using the “Quotation request” function.
The prices offered are exclusive of tax and returned to the destination port or airport.


In the event of a stock shortage, in accordance with article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, Siam Garden may, with the customer’s agreement, replace it with a product of equivalent quality and price. Otherwise, the buyer will be reimbursed at the latest within 30 days of the payment already made.


The delivery is understood to be made (not cleared) at the port or airport of destination in accordance with the order and consigned to the forwarder designated by the customer.
Siam Garden will provide all the necessary and necessary documentation on the customer order to perform customs clearance operations.
The customs clearance and delivery procedure between the port and/or the destination airport is the responsibility of the customer and under his responsibility.
In accordance with article L 121-20-3 of the Commercial Code, the products ordered will be delivered within a maximum period of 30 days from the delivery day indicated on the order.
After this period, if the order has still not been delivered, the recipient is invited to contact customer service by email to determine the causes of the delay.
Siam Garden reserves the right to split the order into several packages to facilitate their shipment.


The amount invoiced is the amount indicated on the order confirmation sent by email to the customer. The buyer must settle the entire invoice for the package to be shipped. Payment can be made by:

  • Credit card and securely via the payment module on the Siam Garden website.
    The numbers on your card do not go through the site server but are immediately processed by the bank. Your order will be effective upon receipt of the agreement of the payment centers concerned. In case of refusal of said centers, the order is recorded but not put in preparation. The customer will receive an email informing him of the failure of the transaction and will be offered new access to the payment of his order. The order will be kept for 10 days. Beyond that, the order will be canceled.
  • PayPal: Siam Garden accepts PayPal regulations according to the terms defined with PayPal.
  • Bank transfer: The customer must send us by mail a copy of their order form. The order validated by the customer will not be considered effective until the bank has credited us. The buyer has 10 days from receipt of the order form to settle the amount invoiced. Beyond this period, the order will be canceled. This cancellation is confirmed by email to the customer.


The products are the property of the seller until full payment has been received. During delivery by the carrier, the risk of loss, theft or destruction is the responsibility of the customer.


The buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 clear days from the date of order, after this period any sums already paid in advance will not be refunded.
Plant products sold on the site www.siam-garden.com are not subject to the right of withdrawal and cannot be reimbursed since they are considered as perishable products.


Siam Garden guarantees delivery of compliant, sound and marketable goods. If the goods are received in poor condition, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep Siam Garden informed within 24 hours of receiving the goods. The complaint must be made by written email (julie@siam-garden.com), with a photograph of the damaged product (s). As plants are perishable products, sending photographs makes it possible to avoid a return of the goods which would further damage the product.


For any information, the buyer can contact customer service by email (customer service access on the site). Siam Garden will make every effort to answer questions relating to the follow-up of an order.


All the information and illustrations presented on this site are the property of Siam Garden. All reproduction is forbidden without prior approval.


Siam Garden is owned by AAS Co. Ltd:
77110 Hua Hin, Thailand
In the event of a dispute, if an amicable solution has not been found, only the Thai courts have jurisdiction.