I’m Bamboo

Now it is my turn! I like my name “Bamboo”, it’s not quite so pretty as Orchid but I have so many bamboo plants around me it seems the natural thing to call me! Talking of bamboo, I have many varieties: there are tall ones (60feet) and short ones (2feet). They keep me well sheltered and can provide some welcome shade for you if the sun is too hot. Also a lot of my bamboo relatives live along the inside of the perimeter wall making sure you can’t see the road, which is very quiet anyway. Actually, I have a few orchids at my house as well!

My downstairs terrace is not quite as big as “Orchid’s” but I think it is nicer because I have more beautiful views. It’s also a bit of a suntrap and round the back I have some garden area all to myself. From this point I can see the Ping River (the longest river in Thailand) and, if I look to my right, I can see some mountains. Notice that “Orchid” never mentioned that!

My downstairs living area is similar to next door (we both have air-conditioning on our lower floors) and upstairs is cooled with electric fans and natural breezes) but has different décor and, my bathroom is fully tiled in midnight blue. Yes, they are the same as the swimming pool. I have no idea if my bathroom was tiled from leftover tiles of the swimming pool or the other way about – I only know it looks very appealing. My lounge and bedroom are really nice and a patio door opens out for an easy couple of strides to the pool.

Getting upstairs involves a choice of stairs, from inside or outside and when you reach the top, you will find a full sized fridge just like “Orchid’s”. The king-sized bed in the middle of the room looks so inviting you will somehow wish you were tired! Items of teak furniture interspersed with potted plants, Thai ornaments and handcrafted curtains all go together to make a special place to relax in. But beware!! In an alcove in the corner, is a life-size Buddha. I actually think he keeps a watch over everything and I feel very comforted by his presence.

So, what about my bathroomWell, I like it a lot and the subtle peach-coloured tiles, wash basin vanity unit, shower and bath make this a place worth visiting. You can look out to the sky from my walls as well and all the potted plants on a ledge just outside look absolutely stunning.

All the views from me are quite breathtaking, especially from my verandah and, with all due modesty, are at least as good as “Orchids”. One of my favourite views is from the bedroom through a large shutter that looks out directly to the waterfall in the swimming pool.

Please will you stay with me?

There is plenty of accommodation in Chiang Mai, hotels in Chiang Mai, guesthouses in Chiangmai, several bed and breakfast places in Chiangmai, but not many resorts in the Northern capital of Thailand. Siam Garden Resort Chaing Mai is one of them.