I’m Menu

“Now that you have heard from “Orchid” and “Bamboo”

Maybe you are wondering – Who?

I now hand you over to:

“May I introduce myself? I am “Menu”. My job is to ensure that you eat well, for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. I am not a vain fellow, I am going to let my selections and descriptions speak for themselves”.

It is worth noting though, that special care is always taken in matters of personal and kitchen hygiene. All food is carefully selected for freshness and quality. It is prepared and cooked under proper clean and healthy conditions. My helpers in the kitchen are “Pa” and “Na” and they are good Thai people who fully understand their responsibilities and Erica and Chris are ever aware of theirs.

There are no fancy recipes containing things you have never heard of but you will get interesting meals from an International selection (including Thai food, of course) together with a modest wine list. It’s a pity, but the Thai government heavily taxes imported wine, making the price of a bottle seem way out of proportion to the meal. I know you like a bottle of wine with dinner so Erica and Chris have been hard at work drinking lots of wine so you don’t have to! Their selection I think you will like.

Please look at my special breakfast and dinner menu and contemplate some delicious (aroy) food in beautiful surroundings.

When you have finished dining, what about????

There is plenty of accommodation in Chiang Mai, hotels in Chiang Mai, guesthouses in Chiangmai, several bed and breakfast places in Chiangmai, but not many resorts in the Northern capital of Thailand. Siam Garden Resort Chaing Mai is one of them.