I’m Jasmine

Jasmine” is actually quite reserved! (for Erica and Chris). She has many flowers and lovely trees around her and is a slightly different shape from the other two houses. She doesn’t like talking about herself – she prefers for her beauty to be observed quietly but she does say this:

“Please will you visit my very large downstairs terrace – it’s bigger than the other two and is available for you to take drinks at my bar and for you to enjoy breakfast or dinner as you choose. Of course, you may wish to dine at your own house (“Orchid” and “Bamboo” are good neighbours of mine) and I promise I would not be offended. However, I have a special dining area which will have to remain a secret until you get here and then Chris and Erica will be delighted to show you!

My neighbours probably forgot to tell you that we are well secured in Siam Garden and that at night a kind Thai policeman calls round every few hours to make sure we are all safe. It’s true; he even signs a piece of paper outside the gates every time he calls!

Please will you dine with me?”

There is plenty of accommodation in Chiang Mai, hotels in Chiang Mai, guesthouses in Chiangmai, several bed and breakfast places in Chiangmai, but not many resorts in the Northern capital of Thailand. Siam Garden Resort Chaing Mai is one of them.