I’m Orchid

Hello, I am “Orchid”. I am a beautiful, two-storey Thai- style house that is designed to allow you fresh air living and to keep you cool. Downstairs, my terrace is very large where I invite you to have breakfast, have a snack, a cool beer or evening dinner. (“Menu” will have something delicious to say about that later, I’m sure!)

resort atmosphere northern thailand

Just inside my front door you will see a lounge and bedroom that has Thai furniture, decor and ornaments that will straightaway give you that “real Thai feel”. To your left my fully tiled bathroom will allow you showering and toileting in more space than you will need.

To get to my upper storey you can take my outside or inside stairs. The fridge on the landing contains water and ice which are free and, cans of beer and nibbles and other goodies that are very fairly priced (in fact, they are so fairly priced that there is no charge for anything except the beer!) At any time you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee because I have all the facilities here; also at the very reasonable price of nothing!

If you liked my downstairs, then up here, I can offer you something special: A king-sized bed dominates the centre of my bedroom area next to which is my lounging space containing teakwood furniture and beautiful drapes, ornaments and scattered potted plants, all to test your senses. Through my shutters and sliding panels you will see the garden and the swimming pool and at night, even the delicate garden lights revealing the different hues and shades.

Although, “Bamboo” would say her upstairs bathroom is the best, I think mine is! Of course you can shower or bath in here but because on two sides there is open space (if you want it) you can see to the moon and the stars. Are you telling me you have a bathroom like this at home?

Another set of stairs leading from the lower tier down in to the garden allows easy access to the swimming pool and from this angle you will see (and hear) the built-in waterfall. I love the sound of the water splashing in to the pool: it’s one of my favourite things.

Why am I called “Orchid?” Because I am very Thai, and I have many orchid plants, in my downstairs, my upstairs, my verandah, and hanging in the trees around me.

Please will you come and stay with me?

There is plenty of accommodation in Chiang Mai, hotels in Chiang Mai, guesthouses in Chiangmai, several bed and breakfast places in Chiangmai, but not many resorts in the Northern capital of Thailand. Siam Garden Resort Chaing Mai is one of them.